Timothy Chemaly

Barrister and Solicitor

Timothy is of Lebanese descent and was born in South Africa. Timothy holds B Com and LLB degrees from Rhodes University in Grahamstown South Africa, and an M Tax S degree from the University of Auckland.

Timothy practised as a barrister sole in South Africa from 1983 to 2001, when he emigrated to New Zealand.  After stints as a solicitor with Inland Revenue and nsaTax Ltd, a tax accounting firm, Timothy commenced practice on his own account in June 2017.

Timothy is passionate about providing quality work at reasonable rates, and places a premium on service and ethics.

Timothy’s clients are mainly chartered accountants and solicitors seeking tax and liquidation advice for their small and medium sized corporate clients.  Timothy does  however also act for individuals, companies and trusts.

As a qualified solicitor, Timothy is entitled to act as a liquidator in solvent liquidations, and is registered with the New Zealand Companies Office as such.  Solvent liquidations are used when a corporate business has come to an end or has been sold, and there is a desire to extract capital gains from the company tax free